The Zeez Sleep Pebble is the creation of Steve Walpole and Anna McKay, founders of Zeez Sleep Ltd

In 1979 Steve Walpole already one of IBM’s top engineers at 21, had a car crash. 23 fractures, four pints of lost blood, head injury. Months on, Steve’s brain still wasn’t working properly and he had dreadful migraines. EEGs showed that frequencies that should be generated by his frontal lobes were missing.

Steve wondered  – could he get the missing frequencies into his brain? Would it help? He analysed his own brain repeatedly, as well as that of any willing person, and eventually discovered that he could safely reintroduce missing frequencies. And stop his migraines.

In 2008, Anna persuaded Steve to work with her, on sleep. You could say that this was an awakening.


The Zeez Sleep Team

Steve Walpole

Before working on sleep, Steve had invented devices to prevent Migraine, help Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Fatigue including the Empulse, TriMed and Enermed, all of which were trialled and sold in the early 90s in the UK and Canada. 

Anna McKay

Anna was the globally recognised head of I.P. at a niche firm of solicitors specialising in patent litigation, mostly against big phama companies. She loves to do stuff that is really hard, and attacking big pharma’s patents for relatively small clients, on ridiculously tight time scales – well, it just wasn’t hard enough…Fortunately, working on the Zeez Sleep Pebble has been.

Pascoe Lintell

Pascoe designed the Zeez Sleep Pebble case. Not only is he a wonderful designer, who listens, but he also really understands industrial processes and the demands of manufacture. A man who knows that less is more, and why.

Oscar Canner McKay

A recent graduate of Glasgow School of Art and design strategist. Oscar is creative and practical, and get’s it, whether “it” is pouring silicon or planning our future product strategy. He’s multi talented and makes things happen.

Barric Ltd

Our development partner. We wouldn’t go anywhere else. So glad to have avoided long hard flights to Ningbo and Bangalore. The train to Diss is much more pleasant.


AT Power Ltd

Why have we worked with AT Power, which makes precision parts for sports cars and planes? Because they have been totally brilliant, doing all sorts of intricate jobs as we wrestled with the technical difficulties of making the Zeez Sleep Pebble.  Thanks Chris.


Chris Scott, Afterglow Films

Have you seen our beautiful Instagram page? A work of art. In Chris, the Zeez Sleep Pebble has the filmmaker and photographer is deserves. He doesn’t just shoot the films, he finds the people and brings out the best in them


Ali Blake

Ali is a graphic designer and postgrad at London College of Communication who is fascinated by human behaviour. She’s been quietly helping us improve the way we look and interact so that it reflects our expertise in other areas.