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What results have we got?

Around 800 people have used the Zeez Sleep Pebble. Most have given us feedback. These are the results for users who completed “before “ and “after” standard questionnaires - a significant effect for 79% (the higher the score, the worse the sleep.) Amongst professional sportsmen our results have been even better, leading us to conclude that electrolyte levels and gut biome matter. We now advise users accordingly. Our success rate has improved, and over the last few months only 10% of users have returned the Zeez.

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What about independent research?

An Australian university plans a crossover trial comparing the Zeez with dummy devices. A case series study with Parkinson’s sufferers is underway in Devon. Multicentre GP trials are planned, as is a study within an addiction clinic. A trial with veterans with PTSD and insomnia awaits funds. We would like more research even though this is not required, but are constrained by costs.