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Please contact us if you have questions, are interested in distributing our Zeez Sleep Pebble, or would like to collaborate. We would like to hear from you whether you are an individual, employer, sports team or spa.

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Or if you would just like to send us an email, send it to You can phone us on 0208 347 8734.

Our business name is Zeez Sleep Ltd, registered office 1, School Cottages, Mendham, IP20 0NJ, VAT number 0305404445.

You have the right under the Consumer Contracts Regulations to cancel your purchase within 14 days of delivery to you. If you want to do this please email us at and return it unused within a further 14 days in its packaging via Special Delivery to 78, Stapleton Hall Road, London N4 4QA. We’ll refund the purchase price (but not your postage) in full within a further 14 days.

If you want to try the Zeez Sleep Pebble and then don’t want to keep it for any reason, just return it to us within one month of its delivery to yo. We’ll keep £25 and refund the rest.. This is in addition to your statutory rights under the Consumer Contracts Regulations.

Our Privacy Policy is simple. We will only put you on our mailing list if you have expressly confirmed that we may do this, or if you have bought from us, or asked us about buying A Zeez Sleep Pebble. We use MailChimp to manage and store our mailing list. We don’t disclose your details to anyone else, ever, unless you ask us to do so. And we only use our mailing list for Zeez-related content. If you want to unsubscribe you can so so at any time by emailing us or ticking the “unsubscribe” box on all our mail-outs. We treat you as we would like to be treated.