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It is September. The last summer holiday hotel guests are leaving. Remember how they arrived? Stressed, jet lagged and short of sleep? What would they give for good night’s rest? What about the businessman rushing between meetings?

Our product, the Zeez Sleep Pebble, is a small under the pillow device designed to help us to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up full of energy. Its patented electronics produce extremely low power pulses designed to match the brainwaves of a good sleeper during relaxation and sleep. Most of us (c 80%) pick up the signals and our brains slow down.  Generally, we start to relax within the first day of use and it only takes a few days to respond to the Zeez’s deep sleep pulses.

The Zeez Sleep Pebble has just been nominated for an innovation award at the Hotel360 show (Excel, London, September 18-20, 2019). We will also be launching a new device at the show designed for the Hotel market. If you would like to see us there, you can get a free ticket to the expo here.




What if you could offer our technology to your guests?

The Zeez Sleep Pebble and Pad are easy to use: no app, no complex tech. Just press the button and sleep. Have a look at our site, read our reviews, watch our testimonials and you will see why our pebble is a prizewinning device.