“ a fab device. I felt so well when I used it, the difference was phenomenal.. I was so much more relaxed all the time. My energy levels also MASSIVELY improved. I am a really sceptical person normally.”

Jilly Batchelar, Proprietor, Free Spirit Travel Yoga holidays

“Jenny [Pacey] and I both tried it. It worked. I still woke up in the night, but instead of reading, or phoning my son in Texas, I went straight back to sleep. And instead of waking up feeling exhausted, I found that I could get up early in the morning without feeling tired. I’d like to try it again.”

Wayne Gordon, Actor and Celebrity Personal Trainer

“For years I suffered bouts of debilitating insomnia. The Zeez pebble broke this cycle. I used it for 3 weeks and slept for 5-6 hours each night. I haven’t had a bout of insomnia since, (now 14 months) even though I have had a stressful period. Recently, I began to feel a bout coming on – I was sleeping less, and becoming increasingly stressed, so I used the device again, and fell asleep immediately. After a good night I woke refreshed and ready for work. I am sure that using the device nipped the insomnia in the bud.”

Mervyn Espie, Personal Trainer, Proprietor, N4 Workout

“I am really enjoying the sleep device, it has made a huge difference, the only trouble is as I have so much new energy I seem to just want to do lots and use it up!!! It’s brilliant!!… There has been a cumulative good effect. The other big change has been the quality and depth of sleep…at least 4 hours deep sleep every night. This is unheard of for me and has made such a positive difference to my life. More energy during the day.. has resulted in me enjoying work and leisure activities so much more, having a better work life balance and just realising how important sleep is!”.

Chrissie Johnson, Early Learning Consultant

“I have slept badly since I was a child. I have recurring dreams, and wake up feeling awful after 2 1/2 – 3 hours. I get no deeper sleep. The Zeez pebble worked. My dreams stopped, and I slept longer, and wake up refreshed. The first night I slept for 6 hours, which was unheard of. Fantastic sleep “

Ian, actor

“The Zeez device helped me sleep deeper for longer, so that my concentration returned to normal levels during the day.”

Graeme, Boat builder, Treehouse maker, and Lyme disease survivor

“ The first night I did exactly what you told me not to do. I thought that I had switched off everything – and had a terrible, absolutely dreadful, nightmare, such as I haven’t had since I was a child (I’m 72) . I found that I had left my piano plugged in, and that the router was on. I unplugged them, and slept very well. It was amazing. And I have slept very well since then. It has made a huge difference. I am still waking up after about 2, 2 ½ hours, but I go back to sleep again. It is working for me!”

Michael Brooke-Benson, musician

“I have had difficulty sleeping all my life. I never felt that I could sleep. On the few days when I did sleep I felt invincible. And there is less time to worry in the day when I sleep. The Zeez taught my brain how to sleep”.

Attila, Tennis coach

“My sleeping problems began ten years ago. I would wake at least three times a night with feelings of anxiety and be unable to go back to sleep for a couple of hours and then only fitfully. I was frankly sceptical about trying the Pebble -convinced that the source of the anxiety was too deeply entrenched and psychologically-based for such an apparently innocuous bit of apparatus to have any effect. The results, however, were immediate and remarkable. I slept for nine hours without waking and felt refreshed and calm. To my delight, the second and third nights were equally successful. I was genuinely astonished and hugely grateful. I am now,some five weeks later, sleeping better than I have for years. Though I still wake I go back to sleep almost immediately. Your little lozenge of soporific delight changed my life

Peter , teacher

This long extract gives an idea of the impact that using the Zeez can have on different aspects of our life and our behaviour

“I have slept poorly for many years, since the brain injury of my son in fact (27 years ago). For the last ten years I got used to waking up around 5 times each night, go to the loo, read a lot, spend time on my computer or IPAD, and finally sleep a bit more. I like the sanctuary of my bed, and whenever I got the chance, in a quite stressful and busy life, I would stay in bed as long as I could, sometimes for 9 to 11 hours. But however long I stayed in bed, I would have to drag myself out, and I still felt exhausted. When I woke, it took me some time, a few minutes, to come alive. I didn’t really think about “sleep” – I just got through my tiredness and exhaustion, and carried on with my days.

Whilst I was waiting to try the Zeez, I began to think about sleep differently; to realise that it had an important place in my life and that my philosophy towards sleep could change. I made my bedroom darker, cleared a space around my bed, switched off my computer and IPAD, thought about what I ate at night time, and my sleep improved a little. I wanted the Zeez to work, but I knew that I would help the Zeez team most if I was really critical. I decided to rate the quality of my sleep on a scale of 1-10. I rated my sleep for the last few years at an average 3/10 – pretty terrible. With the improvements I had already made, it sometimes rose to 4/10.

The first night that I used the Zeez, I thought that it had made no difference. I still woke up 5 times, slept unevenly and not deeply. But I felt “OK” in the morning, not wretched. I rated that night 5/10. As the day went on, I realised that I felt a bit better than usual, and I rated that 5/10 also. At this stage I decided to evaluate and rate both the sleep quality and my state when waking up ( my level of feeling refreshed and/or rested).

The next morning, I knew that I had slept more deeply. I don’t know how I knew, I just knew. I felt different during the day. I only woke up once . And it carried on. The quality of sleep (that I can only describe as a “velvety” feeling) increased steadily to a 6/10. The clarity and freshness I woke up with also increased to a regular 7/10. Except for one night, I felt better every day than I had before, for the whole 2-3 week period until the Zeez battery ran out. I even felt better on the days that I forgot to switch in on. I was less irritable, and conscious that wasn’t reacting to my partner as I had done before. I hadn’t told him that I was using the Zeez, and it became a game for me. When would he notice that I was so much calmer, kinder, had more energy? (The answer is that it took him a lot longer to realise than it took me, but that may be because he was ill and preoccupied).

The Zeez became a kind of talisman for me – comforting and reassuring. At the end of the first period of use, I realised that I hadn’t needed a single 11 hour night. I had got up every day quite early, even when I could have stayed in bed, and I’d felt OK even on the days when I had short nights. I had woken less, usually once or twice rather than 5 times. On average, I rated my nights between 5 and 6.5 over 10 … and my days hovering around a steady 7/10 … a very noticeable improvement.

I had to wait more than a week for a recharged Zeez – including the period between Christmas and New Year. It was actually quite a good week. I slept quite well. I wondered if that was because it was a holiday week, but then I thought “I don’t remember feeling this good any other Christmas recently. It’s not normally less stressed than other times of year…” I was trying to be as suspicious and critical as I could be…

A week or so after I got the second Zeez, on Saturday and Sunday morning, I found myself standing in the middle of my room, literally bouncing. I had woken up, and vaulted out of bed, and was standing up before I realised what I had done. Normally, as I have said, I crawl out of bed, drag myself up. This was quite extraordinary. It wasn’t just mental, but physical too – my body is normally quite creaky and full of pain, and I had leapt up without a second thought. It was an ordinary day ahead, nothing extraordinary that could justify this enthusiasm and I felt happy to be alive. I hadn’t felt so alive for a long time. The expression “jumping out of bed” felt very appropriate. This new state is quite exciting, and I don’t quite dare to believe it – I don’t want to lose it. I found myself wondering whether feeling that good was a manic phase, to be followed by collapse! So far, no collapse. The quality of my energy is different during the day and I am behaving differently. I want to move more. I used to struggle going up and down the stairs all day long, and now I do it quite easily and naturally. I have got back some of the “Me” that I used to know, I feel more connected to “the vital and balanced Self I know I am inside” and that many years of relentless challenges had started eroding and dimming. Some of my friends have been commenting – “My God, you look well ! “. I am carrying on, and gradually accepting that the Zeez (and the other changes I have made) have made a real difference.”

Michele, mother, carer, therapist, activist