The Zeez Sleep Pebble 

Most Zeez Sleep Pebble users  (800+) have had long term sleep issues. In our testing 79% experienced significant and substantial improvements: they fell asleep faster, woke less at night and had more daytime energy. We had particularly good responses amongst sportsmen (90%+), confirming our view that we get the best sleep with good nutrition and lifestyle, even if those things alone are not enough to get our brain to slow down for good sleep. 

It worked. I still woke in the night, but I went straight back to sleep. And I could get up early without feeling tired.
— Wayne Gordon, actor and celebrity personal trainer
I have slept badly since I was a child… recurring dreams, and wake up feeling awful after 2– 3 hours. I get no deep sleep. The Zeez pebble worked. My dreams stopped, and I slept longer, and wake up refreshed. The first night I slept for 6 hours, which was unheard of.
— Ian, actor