Zeez Sleep Pebble cable


Zeez Sleep Pebble Replacement Cable  long 8mm tip

Cables break.  And when the Zeez cable breaks, it is particularly annoying.  not just because you want to sleep, but also because the Zeez cable is a special long-tip cable, of a kind that is hard to find. You can use the Zeez cable on any micro USB device, but not vice versa. Our 3D printed construction, means that we have to use an 8mm long tip connector. Our latest cables are high quality “noodle” cables – their flat construction distinguishes them from other cables so you’ll  be able to see at a glance who pinched your Zeez cable – and they wind up neatly. Currently we have them in black, white, and green. Tell us which you want in the notes on check-.

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Zeez Sleep Pebble cable