Zeez Alpha Device


This is our  new Zeez Alpha wrist band device. So new that it is as yet unnamed, and un advertised. It emits 20 minutes of relaxing alpha waves. The Zeez also emits alpha waves, at the beginning of its cycle, for 10 minutes, and I got the idea for this when using the Zeez to help a friend with Parkinson’s to calm down – I put the Zeez in his hat, or tucked it into his shirt collar. Not convenient.New technology makes it possible to manufacture at relatively low cost – we are simply using off the shell cases – design will come later. It simply encourages our brain to slow down. Initial batches will be in off the shelf ready made cases. Design comes later. We think that you’ll find it more effective than anything else you can buy. Pre-order now at a special £99 price, for delivery in November. After this batch,, the price will be £125. If you don’t like it, return within 15 days- we’ll keep £15 and refund the rest.



Zeez Alpha Wrist Band