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Of all the tech here, the Zeez Sleep Pebble, a neuroscientific response to our permanently wired state, seems the most revolutionary…a seriously impressive piece of kit.
— Wake up to the Future of Sleep, Anna Maxted, Daily Mail.

80% of users love it

So says our own survey data, and anecdotal reports.

Pays for itself

You’ll need less coffee, fewer nighttime snacks, earn more. One less flat white and you’ve covered the cost in three months.

2 Year Warranty

On the Zeez & it’s battery. After that, we will repair at reasonable cost.

Sale or Return

You have a month to change your mind about the Zeez.

A Sleep Revolution

Trackers of many different kinds show us how hard we find it to fall asleep, how often we wake and how light our slumber. But what is there to actively help our sleep quality so that we sleep more deeply, wake less, and feel good when we wake up?   

Put the Zeez Sleep Pebble under your pillow, then let it guide you to fall asleep, stay asleep, and sleep deeply so that you wake up feeling rested and ready for the day. No headband, no sticky pads, no noise or vibration. And no links to your computer or smartphone. You won't need a tracker to know that you have slept better. One button. Pure simplicity.    


How does it work?

When we sleep well, we activate areas of the brain that generate very slow frequencies. A poor sleeper does not do this, or at least, not for long enough. His or her brain activity is dominated by faster signals associated with wakefulness and light sleep. The Zeez Sleep Pebble is designed to prompt missing activity. We found that if you can’t relax, or find it hard to switch off, you’ll be missing certain alpha frequencies in the range of 8-12 Hz. If you can’t fall asleep, you’ll be missing theta frequencies (4- 8 Hz) and if you sleep too lightly you’ll be missing delta frequencies (0.5 – 4Hz).

Most importantly, we found that by pulsing out the missing frequencies at appropriate times of the night in accordance with the timing of our nightly sleep cycles most of us fall asleep, stay asleep, and sleep deeply. We do this using a sophisticated microprocessor and patented circuit board designed to create tiny pulses with varying frequencies similar to those of the brain.  

The pulses of the Zeez Sleep Pebble match the speed, duration and form of the natural brainwaves of a good sleeper through relaxation and deep, restorative sleep. 


More Details

The Zeez Sleep Pebble is pioneering and different device. People ask lots of questions. Here are some answers.


We don’t track you. There’s no app.

If you want to be tracked, you can use any low power blutooth tracker.


Powerful effects but low power

The field is too weak to be measured at the skull, a tfraction of that of a mobile phone.


No noise, vibration, and it doesn’t depend on light

Put it in a sock if our on/off light disturbs you


It won’t Affect your partner. Only you.

Tell them that they need their own.