371b1b1600000578-0-image-m-23_1470905053146The Evening Standard & Daily Mail report that Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools have hired a night nurse for their fifth baby. Loads of sympathy. Babies’ sleep patterns are hard on parents, and our society isn’t geared for them. Work schedules, isolated families.. and other children, who need a parent who is present rather than constantly exhausted. Babies ideally need a tribe to look after them – or at least, their poor beleaguered parents do.  If only. If we can cope by hiring a night nurse, enlisting the help of our family & friends, great – it makes for happier and healthier parents, siblings, relationships. And the baby can do its own thing and gradually adjust to this bright and artificial world and its sleeping patterns.

In contrast, I get a bit irritated by all the requests we receive to help babies sleep, and all the stuff about baby sleep consultants. Babies are learning! They are meant to wake up!. Their brains are developing. Generally it is us, not the babies who have the problem. I wish people would get off the babies’ case, and concentrate on helping the poor parents. And in our small families, separated from others, that means getting the best quality sleep whilst we can. Deep sleep, for recovery. It is hard to do that if we have one ear open listening for the baby. How many times have I heard menopausal women claim that there sleep never recovered from parenting, so that their new challenges seem intolerable? So often, that it seems to me that mums who recover must be the exception. http://bit.ly/1hSuCB5bit.ly/1hSu  This is where a sleep pebble could make so much difference! I am becoming more evangelical as I realise more and more how damaging to our health, wellbeing and family happiness lack of sleep is. We have something here that can really help, available to try on sale or return. If you are reading this, and you know a tired parent who needs some respite, get them a sleep pebble to try if you possibly can. Tell ’em. Get them sleeping, for their own sake, for their children, and their relationships.

A postscript about babies sleep. Generally, babies need the same things as us – dark and light at proper times of day /when they are sleeping. Electronics and electrical devices can disturb their sleep. I might be seen as a philistine, but I’d get rid of the baby monitor, and keep the baby in earshot instead. Switch off the wifi when you can. Unplug. I don’t think the Zeez Sleep Pebble is appropriate for babies – as I say, I don’t think that generally, babies need fixing, although we may need to make changes to their environment. But as for parents??? Every parent of a little one who’s uses the Zeez asks me whether it affects their baby – “he/she is sleeping much better”. No – the field created is far too small. Tinsy.  But children do pick up on their parents’ state, and if we sleep deeply and calmly, my unscientific and  untested belief is that babies ad small children are also calmed, if they are close by.