Many sportsmen use the Zeez Sleep Pebble Including the players and coaches of a Rugby Union Premiership team, international polo and Rugby players, PTs, a Gladiator and James Bond villain.. Poor sleep affects performance, recovery, judgement, and safety. Employers have trialled it with their staff. If you are interested in trying the Zeez Sleep Pebble with your team,or group, contact us. We can talk to team members, individually, as a group, in person or on Skype. We  can rent trial devices, or a mix of real and dummy devices (some people love this). Using the Zeez Sleep Pebble has shown positive effects on team morale and performance, as people chat and work out their own sleep issues. Remember, this is a non drug treatment, designed to reinforce, not to interfere with, natural sleep patterns. Contact us to discuss what you need.