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About the Zeez

What can I expect from my Zeez Sleep Pebble?

Most of us begin to feel the effects of the Zeez pebble within a few days. For some people, it can take up to a month to experience differences. (Lucy) You may take less time to fall asleep, wake less often, sleep longer, and feel more rested. What really matters is how you feel during the day. If the quality of your sleep has improved you will feel better.

Does the Zeez Sleep Pebble zap my brain?

No. The radiated power of the Zeez pebble is too low for any measurable current to cross the skull into the brain. There is no induced field passing through the brain (unlike Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation) and no current stimulates the brain (as in Direct Cranial Stimulation). We believe that it has a resonant effect – and that our brain responds to the pulses rather than being directly affected by them.

What frequencies does the Zeez Sleep Pebble generate?

The Zeez starts off with alpha frequencies (8-12Hz, relaxing) then theta (4- 8 Hz, deeply relaxing / sleep inducing). After that, a heartbeat signal and 4 times during the night, timed with sleep cycles, 20 minutes of delta frequencies (0.5 -4 Hz.) When we switch the Zeez off, it restarts. If you wake for more than 30 minutes, it may be useful to switch off and on again so that you get the benefit of the alpha and theta relaxation.

Why do I have to unplug / switch off electrical and Wi-Fi equipment?

The Zeez Pebble operates at very low power. It is sensitive, as are we.

Can I use my Zeez for naps?

Yes. It may help you to relax and to have a good quality nap of 10 - 30 minutes.

Can my child use the Zeez?

The Zeez is designed for adults. Young children have different sleep patterns. Several teenagers have used the Zeez Sleep Pebble successfully.

Will the Zeez pebble affect my partner?

No. The field created extends upwards through two pillows, but very little to the side. However, sleep often improves when our partner sleeps better.

Why does the Zeez Sleep pebble have no effect on some people?

This may relate to mineral levels. Our cells communicate electrochemically, and if minerals or water levels are low, this can affect communication between our cells. If the Zeez doesn’t work for you, we suggest that you address dietary deficiencies, and then try again – we often get a different result once minerals, especially magnesium, are topped up.

In other cases, the frequencies we have chosen may not work for the individual.

Why have we made the Zeez Sleep Pebble run for 4 sleep cycles? Why not 5?

Few people sleep for 8 hours (5 sleep cycles). Often, we set their alarm and sleep less. Most deep sleep naturally occurs in the first two sleep cycles. We didn't want to prompt the brain into a fifth cycle of deep sleep and risk people waking with an alarm in deep sleep – that makes us feel awful. When the Zeez stops most people, left to themselves, go on to sleep for a fifth cycle, which would not include the deepest stage of sleep.

How does the Zeez sleep pebble compare with other devices?

The low power / low frequency technology of the Zeez Sleep Pebble is unique. The Dreem headband and Phillips SmartSleep headband also seek to improve deep sleep, by using sound to amplify deep sleep frequencies. This can work well for young people who have no difficulty in falling asleep and who do not have a problem with nighttime waking. (Philips study was on young men, average age 24, and they advertise their device for those under 50). Our technology can help people who experience very little or no deep sleep, of any age. (Gabrielle)(Jim)

Is the Zeez Pebble a medical device?

No. It is simply intended to help you to sleep.

How do I buy a Zeez Sleep Pebble

To buy a Zeez Sleep Pebble, Please

  • click on Buy Zeez, then
  • click on "add to cart" then
  • click on the shopping basket icon (top r/h corner) to go to the payment page.

I am taking sleeping medication. Can I continue to use this with the Zeez Sleep Pebble?

Yes. Many people have used the Zeez Sleep Pebble alongside medications such as zopiclone, zolpidem, amitryptaline, trazadone, Lunesta, Ambien, marajuana, CBD oil. Most have greadually tapered off their other medication.

Benzodiazipines and certain drugs for the treatment of bipolar disorder affect neuronal activity. The Zeez Sleep Pebble may have little effect on sleep when these drugs (Xanax, Valium, diazepam) are used regularly, although some peopel have used the Zeez's alpha frequencies during the daytime to support them to reduce benzodiazipine doseage before sucessfully using the Zeez Sleep Pebble to help their sleep. In such cases acheiving good sleep may be a slower process than ffor those suing other sleep medications. Cantact us if you want to know more. ..

Do you ship to the USA / Canada / Australia?

Yes. We ship anywhere that we are allowed to ship. U.N. regulations govern the air freight of products containing batteries and we can ship a maximum of two devices in each parcel. A few countries e.g. Hong Kog. Phillipines, prohibit shipment of products containing batteries altogether, and we don't ship to those countries. If your country isn't on our droipdown list, contact us and we will add it if we can.

Troubleshooting the Zeez

What if the Zeez Sleep Pebble doesn’t work for me?

Try supplementing minerals, especially with a good form of Magnesium (link here) and following our sleep tips. (link) Contact us for further advice. We have a wealth of experience.

Can I return the Zeez Sleep Pebble?

You can return the Zeez within 45 days for any reason. We will keep £25 and refund the rest. This is in addition to you statutory right to cancel the contract (without using the Zeez) within two weeks of delivery to you.

What do I do if my Zeez Sleep Pebble stops working?

First, test the cable. The USB cables we use have a special long tip – needed to penetrate the 3D printed case. If the metal connector has been depressed so that it no longer has the length required it will not fit the connector tightly. Get a new cable (link) or contact us.

We repair / replace the Zeez Sleep Pebble free for the first two years and thereafter at reasonable cost. The battery is guaranteed for two years, but in practice, with up to 4 years of use, none have yet failed. When the battery goes, we will replace it at reasonable cost.