It is likely that some of your colleagues or employees sleep poorly and that this affects their performance, mood, judgement, and perhaps their safety.  We’ll assess their sleep,  run a training session on improving sleep, do a trial using the Zeez Sleep Pebble.. The potential to transform your place of work is huge. Contact us to discuss what you need.


We’ll talk about sleep, and how to improve it anywhere, In person or on skype. We charge according to who and where you are. and involve other professionals as needed.

We have regular talks at all Champneys Spa locations, and at other venues in London and Herts. Email for current information, or book us to talk to your group.


Pippa Middleton on her Chi Gung class with Michael Richards – pictured.

Skype Sessions

You can book a 45-minute sleep consultation with Anna, cost £50.  I’ll send you an initial questionnaire, see if we can unpack what is going on for you, and give you practical suggestions to improve your sleep. Changes that might help, with or without the Zeez Sleep Pebble.